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Don't Be a Drag, Just be a Queen!
Baby, There Ain't No Other Way!
1st-Jan-2020 09:48 pm - | Hey Jude |
i feel flirty/like a bamf/like partying

"Hey! This is Jude's answering machine, meaning that I'm not around to listen to you. That or I don't like you and refuse to talk to you. Anyway, if you have something important to say, say it here. If you're just looking for a good time, then you called the right guy! Just leave me your info and I'll call you back as soon as I can, 'kay babe?"

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i feel happy
 Jude is bored.

It seems to be a trend these days. But then...

But then he remembers Liam. Liam is cute: dark hair, big blue eyes, pretty innocent looking. And Jude knows just how to fix that innocence.

He met Liam at school, about a week ago. Poor kid just stumbled out of the closet. Not that he was good at hiding it. But he was so sweet, so unsure... And a little terrified when Jude flirted with him.

That's okay though. Jude'll show him that there's nothing to be afraid of. He remembers that Liam works in that one art shop... That seems like the best place to find him.

So Jude is in a good mood as he wanders into the shop, the bell in the door clinking as he shuts it.

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[info]skin_nails_bone !]
i feel flirty/like a bamf/like partying
 It's late.

Jude really doesn't know the exact time, and he's too lazy to pull out his phone and check, but it's really dark. And as far as Jude is concerned, extreme darkness equals it being late.

Not that he cares; Jude lives for the night life. It's when all the fun things happen.

But tonight, nothing exciting is going on. There's no parties, no alcohol, and no one looking for him for a good time. Since no one's looking for him, he's decided to go looking for someone. 

For a moment, Jude wonders if it's even legal to hang around in front of somebody's house, maybe semi-hiding in their bushes. Then he decides he doesn't really give two shits. He's met the owner of the home after all. Even if it was only one time. At a gay bar, no less.

It doesn't matter though. Because from what he can remember of Malone - Italian, brunette, muscular - it's worth a shot. Jude did spend an awful lot of time asking around until someone finally told him where Malone lives.

Jude circles around the house a few more times, until he spots an open window.

Bingo, he thinks, licking his lips.

He manages to slip through the window, although it does take a lot of wiggling to get through, causing him to land with a loud thump! on the living room carpet.

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[info]il_zuppo . :D <3]
14th-Dec-2010 05:23 pm - | OOC: Character Application |
i feel flirty/like a bamf/like partying
Your Name: Kat
Personal Journal: 
Other Characters Played: Evie [evelyninjune ], Curly Shepard [shadowedshepard ], Hank Furrlow [pabitseena ]
E-Mail/Preferable Form of Contact: PM or email at fullofmetal.RAWR@gmail.com

Character Name: Judas "Jude" Gabriel Dalton
Played By: Mitch Hewer
Age: 18
Birthday: February 15th
Social Status: Upper Class
Gang: None
Appearance: Jude is about 6'1", skinny, pale, and blond. He's pretty, and he knows it. AND I'LL WRITE A BETTER DESCRIPTION LATER. 

Personality: Judas is an extremely out going person. If there's a party, you can bet your ass he'll be there. He loves to be the center of attention, meaning that he'll do whatever it takes to get people to focus on him. His favorite method of doing this is by running around the party naked. Honestly, he thinks very highly of himself and his looks. Besides partying, Jude enjoys flirting and having sex. He's actually pretty commitmentphobic, although he'd be the last person to admit it. Due to his flirty nature, he has a certain charisma that helps him make friends. He's very much a people person. Despite this, though, Jude has some serious problems empathizing with other's feelings. He likes to think of himself as a jokester, but most of the time his jokes cross the line into hurtful territory, a fact that Jude doesn't realize. He doesn't really understand the concept of hurt feelings, or even the concept of actual love. When he wants something, Jude will go to no end to get it. On top of all this, he's a compulsive liar, does a half-assed job on all his work, gets annoyed easily, doesn't understand the concept of personal space and is extremely impatient. 
Talents: Does giving amazing head count? No? What about getting what he wants? That doesn't count either? Well, in that case, Jude is good at talking his way out of situations and can bust a mean move on the dance floor.
Faults: Jude's personality accommodates over half the common traits of a typical sociopath. The lack of empathy, the impatience, the lying, the laziness, the promiscuity,  all of it fits. His lack of empathy has made him extremely manipulative of others, since he doesn't feel guilt or remorse about screwing others over emotionally. 
Family: Jude lives with his mom, Cynthia and his step-father, Carl. His biological dad, George, lives in Nebraska with his wife, Sharon. Jude is an only child; he doesn't even have half-siblings. He hardly sees any of the adult figures in his life, since they all work. For the most part, he's left on his own, with the adults having no idea about how he spends his free time.
History: TBA
Interests/Hobbies: Boys, Casual Relationships, Sex, Parties, Having a Good Time, Being Surrounded by People
Other: Jude is a commitmentphobe, meaning he hates serious relationships. He'll smoke weed if it's offered to him or if it's at a party, but he doesn't actively seek out the drug. Most of all, he enjoys having his tummy rubbed.

Sample Journal: I'm so fucking bored. Someone throw a party. Or come over here and get naked. Please. I'm dying. Wait. Don't come over here naked if you have boobs. And/or a vagina. I really don't want to see that.
Sample RP: TBA
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